Start Programming

Start now!

If you don't already know the RPS language, you'll want to read the programmer's quick start guide first. I plan to provide better documentation later, as well as material for new programmers, but hopefully this guide will be enough to get you started.



You need to be able to run Java 1.5 applets within your browser. Go to to check what if any version of Java you have installed.


RPS Programs

Programmer: Code: Description:
Harter, Tyler harter_tyler_1.txt A basic rock-paper-scissors player.
Maus, Adam maus_adam_1.txt This provides a framework that keeps track of the current score. If your program needs that functionality, this code would be a great place to start.


Please email me your programs!

If you would like to release your RPS programs to the public domain, please email them to me. I'd love to post them online! This lets other programmers learn from your code and run their programs against your program.



It's possible to run the RPS Interpreter online via the applet, but you may also download a copy to run locally on your machine without connecting to the Internet if you would prefer by downloading the .jar file below:


The .jar file can be used as a desktop application, or as an applet on your own website.

The RPS Interpreter is released under the terms of the GPL 2 license (license.txt). The source code is also included in the .jar file.


Original Program

If you would like to play my original Javascript based RPS game, click here.